How to repair a wood fence

There are a lot of advantages to using wood fences (and a lot of questions you should ask before installing one), but it is true that there’s also a lot of potential ways that they can be damaged. The elements tend to take a serious toll on the wood, and as a result you end up with damage that you really need to fix if you don’t want the whole thing to fall apart. Here’s how you can fix different parts of your fence…

Fixing the rails

Rails can come loose from one of the posts on the fence for all sorts of different reasons. One of the primary potential causes of this is wood rot. One way to fix it is to focus just on the areas that are damaged and use a few techniques to bolster the rail.  For example, there are a number of wood preservatives out there that you can use in order to beef up the rail and keep it from sustaining further damage. Another thing you can do is use caulking on all sides of the rail to keep the water from getting in there. You can then take some T-braces and attach them to the fence just under the rails near the post underneath in order to keep them from sagging or to push them back up again if they are.  

Fixing up posts

The post parts of your fence are arguably the most important parts. If the post starts to get unsteady, it could threaten the entirety of your fence. You really need to figure out why the post is shaking to try to fix it. There are a few reasons why this could happen. For example, if the post is displacing dirt inside the area where it’s in the ground, this could explain its instability. One thing you can do is fill this area between the solid ground and the post where there is empty space or loose earth. You can fill it with cement or anything else you want that will keep it secure.You can also attached planks to the post that dig into the ground to help keep it steady and in place so that it doesn’t shake.  

Fixing gates

Gates can end up with a number of serious problems. One common one is when it fails to close properly. One thing you can do to fix this sometimes is take off hinges that are distorted out of shape, or those that are rusted. You can dig them out and install hinges that are more hearty and new. It’s especially good to use hinges that are designed specifically for wooden fences. 

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