How To Build An Eye-catching Picket Fence

There is nothing more charming and picturesque than walking down a residential lane lined with beautiful flower gardens surrounded by quaint picket fences. Indeed, it is no coincidence that these kind of fence-lined houses have become one of the most notable American trademarks for many.

It is fairly safe to say that a fence surrounding your home’s garden will greatly enhance the beauty of your home. Add to that the many practical reasons that these simple fences provide and you come to realize that no home is complete without one.

If you are thinking of setting up such a fence and wonder if it is possible to build this kind of garden fence yourself correctly, then the answer is yes. In fact, the process is fairly simple if you follow the steps outlined below.

Before you begin, however, it is always important to check your local regulations for these kind of building projects to make sure that everything is done “by the book”. In addition to that, it is also important to confirm your property’s boundaries by requesting that a survey of your property be made. You should also check with your local gas, water and electric companies to have them mark the location of their lines in your property. Once that is done, you have finished the hard part and are ready to begin.

  1. You can create a detailed plan of your picket fence simply by measuring the distance you wish to surround with the fence. Measure the distance you wish to cover with your fence and determine how many posts you will need, which are usually spaced two meters apart.
  2. Stake the corners of your fence and tie a line between the stakes to make a straight outline of your fence.
  3. Mark the places along the lines in which you will plant the posts and dig holes of about 60cm. Center each post in its hole and level them to ensure they are straight. Pour a bit of concrete in the holes and allow time for them to dry fully.
  4. Once the concrete is dry, you may proceed to nail in the fence rails to the front of your posts, using some string again to mark the rails on top and bottom. Once the top rail is hammered in evenly along your garden fence, cut each post to exactly 10cm from the top of that rail.
  5. Now you are ready to hammer in each picket to the rails, allowing the same picket-width between pickets. Once that is done you have finished your new picket fence, and you may proceed to painting it.

But, if you’re still not sure you want to take this task on by yourself, then give us a call at 916-249-4234 and we can help!

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